Need a Table Magician in Manchester?

Table Magician ManchesterIf you’re looking for a mind-blowing table magician to entertain the guests at your event, you’ve come to the right website! Iain Moran is one of the UK’s leading close-up magicians, who has won awards for his magic, both in Britain and in Italy, and is well respected in the magic community. He is a member of The Magic Circle and has many years’ experience working as a table magician in all sorts of environments, from intimate family gatherings to glitzy corporate extravaganzas.

Table magic is an excellent way to enhance any occasion where guests are seated at tables. It’s a versatile form of entertainment, which works equally well in casual and formal settings and appeals to people of all ages. If the guests know each other well, some table magic marks the event out as something different and special; if the guests don’t know each other very well or at all, table magic provides a focus and a talking point. Astonishment is a marvellous ice-breaker, leaving the participants feeling relaxed and uplifted.

If you’re planning an event in or near Manchester, look no further for a table magician – you have one of the UK’s finest on your doorstep! Contact Iain to discuss your requirements and that’s the entertainment sorted.

Need a Table Magician somewhere other than Manchester?

Iain is based in Manchester but travels widely, performing magic throughout the UK and abroad. Wherever your event is being held, Iain will be happy to bring his magic to it, though if it’s a long distance from Manchester, you may need to book further in advance.

What makes a good Table Magician?

Being a table magician is not as easy as some people appear to think. For a start, performing magic is not just a question of buying a few tricks; it takes years of practice to be a good magician. Iain believes magic should look like magic and not some sort of puzzle – or, worse still, challenge – for the audience. This is where his 20+ years of dedication to his art shows: with Iain, when everyday objects do impossible things it really seems like magic.

Another important aspect is the magician’s social skills. It’s a sad fact that many people who hire themselves out as table magicians are lacking not only in technical ability but also in basic social graces. Iain is naturally friendly, easy-going and polite; he gets on well with everybody. He loves magic and understands that being a magician is not about showing off but about giving the audience a good time. Better than ‘audience’, Iain likes to use the word ‘participant’ because the people who experience Iain’s magic are very much a part of it – the magic happens right up close, often in their own hands.

Iain’s membership of The Magic Circle is an indication of his level but, more importantly, a great deal of Iain’s work is repeat bookings and word-of-mouth recommendations, which has got to be a good sign!

Beyond Table Magic

The concept of table magic has become very fashionable recently. It’s a term people use, a term people search for on the internet, and this is why Iain tends to present himself as a table magician. All it really means, though, is close-up magic performed at a table or tables.

If you would like Iain to show magic to your guests while they are not at tables but standing up at a drinks reception or sitting in easy chairs around your living room, he will be happy to oblige. This can be instead of table magic, if your event is not going to involve tables, or as a prelude, for example at a dinner with drinks in advance. Iain has a wide repertoire and, if you book him to do strolling magic and later table magic, in the second phase your guests will be seeing a whole new array of magical effects.

How to book the Table Magician

It’s very easy! Just get in touch with Iain, by whatever method you prefer (all the details are on the Contact page) and tell him about your event. He will then discuss with you any specific or special requirements you may have and suggest how his services can best be deployed for your guests’ maximum enjoyment.

At this point, Iain will quote you a fee, though you’ll be under no obligation whatsoever to go ahead with the booking, until you decide to make it definite. Each event is unique and Iain customises his services accordingly, which means there is no one price that fits all. Iain is not the cheapest table magician out there but if you’ve read the rest of this page you’ll understand why not. Cheap is not a desirable quality in a magician!

Once you’ve made a firm booking, you can relax in the knowledge that Iain will not let you down. He is reliable, conscientious and professional – and does phenomenal magic!