Magic at One Table

For events with up to about 25 guests, probably the best option is to allocate a specific time for a magic show. Instead of the magician moving around and showing magic to a few people at a time, everyone gathers round one table and experiences the magic together.

Normally a table magician moves around a large room (such as at a wedding or corporate function), entertaining a table at a time, which is usually 8-12 people. This works well in a room of 100 or more diners, but if there are only 10 or 20 guests in total the magician ends up performing for at least half the party at the same time by default. In these circumstances, it’s generally better to let the conversation flow naturally during the meal and let everyone enjoy the magic together afterwards.

Table Magic Show

The table that provides the setting for the show can be in an adjacent function room if you’re at a hired venue, it can be your dining table after the plates have been cleared away, it can be the coffee table in your sitting room – as long as Iain knows in advance what the situation is going to be, the show can be staged wherever is most convenient for you.

The show can last up to 30 minutes, depending on your requirements, and involves a lot of audience participation, gasps of amazement and laughter. In these intimate surroundings, it’s essential to have the right perfomer and with Iain you and your guests are in very safe hands. Unlike many magicians, Iain is polite and not remotely intimidating; he understands that people sometimes don’t know what to expect from a magician and he would never embarrass or offend anyone. For Iain, magic is about creating a sense of awe and wonder – and this can only be achieved when people are feeling secure and relaxed.

Whether you’re organising a sophisticated adult dinner party or an informal family celebration, Iain’s magic is the ideal entertainment. It’s enjoyed by every generation and suitable for a mixed audience, it’s elegant, it’s fun and it’s incredible! Treat your guests to Iain’s table show and they’ll be talking about it for months afterwards.

To discuss booking a table magic show for your party, please contact Iain by whatever method you prefer.